Sunday, January 31, 2010

Carnegie Hill Neighbors - On Waldron Farm

Here I go again.

I have found many references to Baron Resolved Waldron on the Internet. I was particularly disappointed when I came across a website that included a history of the Carnegie Hill area of New York City. The site included sentence that said, "The area was known as Waldron Farm after a Dutch patent conveyed the land to Baron Resolved Waldron, who owned it until he died in 1705."

I sent the following email message to the organization:

On the page accessed from you refer to a Baron Resolved Waldron. This person is the grandson of Barent Nagel after whom he was named. Your Baron Resolved Waldron is actually named Barent Resolveert Waldron. It is not a title but a common given name. His father was Resolved (Resolveert) Waldron. Typical of the time in which Barent Waldron was born people were identified with a patronym. In this case, Resolved (Resolveert).

After sending the message, I noticed another glaring error in the first paragraph under the heading "On Waldron Farm." It refers to a Peter Van Ogliensis. I sent a message to inform the organization that Peter's name is written in the records of the time as van Oblinus or van Oblenus.

Although, I was alarmed that the organization made an erroneous reference to a Baron Waldron, I did not include the fact the Barent Waldron was not the individual who was granted the land patent as the site claims. It was Barent's father, Resolved Waldron who received the land patent along with several others. This patent is known as the Harlem Patent and this patent and those included in the patent are well documented.

In a future blog entry, I will discuss the alleged Lady Tanneke Nagel and Baron Rudolph Von Waldron.

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