Thursday, February 11, 2010

Historian PI

From the time I started this blog, I have been trying to find a title to describe my blog. If you do a Google search on family historian, at the top of the results are products related to building a family tree. While other results point to genealogists. Although I have an extensive, well documented and growing family tree, I do not see myself as a genealogist. As I built my family tree, I wanted to know more about these people; about what was happening around the area in which they lived that may have influenced a decision to move to another place or to another advocation. While looking at the local events going on at the time I often found something really interesting that may not have anything to do with my relatives. It is interesting nonetheless and, I am sure, is interesting to someone who had family in the area. Today, I met with several people who all are looking for jobs and asked for suggestions as to what I should title myself on a businesscard. Stuart suggested I put what I do as History PI. I think that he had something there. Friends and family have called me Sherlock. I then went to my gym. After I worked out, I had a passing talk with the owner, Kristen Gerhard, about my meeting earlier and that I was going to try to devise a new businesscard when I went home. The next thing I knew, Kristen was on the Internet looking for images that I might incorporate on my businesscard. She gave me some really great ideas that I am pursuing. So between Stuart and Kristen's input, I should have a really good businesscard.

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