Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blog Undergroing Maintenance

A friend was having a hard time finding my blog as she had forgotten the URL. She tried to find it through search on Google. After I got home, I tried to find my blog. Not having much success, I added words in my blog that would be unique, such as Luke Stoutenburg, Canada and my name. At last it appeared on the list of possible hits.
I posted a blog entry on March 1 and spent some time seeing if I could figure out how to make my blog more visible. Within a few days, I had talked with some people who know how to get the most out of social media like blogs.
Since that meeting, I have been making changes that hopefully will improve my visibility. I was advised to add a "my favorite links" area. I spent the next evening adding links to website that I frequently visit when I am doing my family history research.
That being mostly accomplished, I next tackled the next item suggested. Over the last several days, I have added labels to each of the entries in my blog. Then I added some clickable links within some entries. I will be monitoring to see if my blog becomes more visible soon.
I took this opportunity to make the font size consistent across all the entries so far. Now with a little tidying up left to do on my LinkedIn profile, I will be back with a new post by Monday evening.

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