Thursday, May 27, 2010

Carnegie Hill Neighbors - On Waldron Farm Update

On January 31, 2010, I posted a blog about the misinformation that this website had posted. I sent an email message via the contact me link at the website.

The message I sent read:

On the page accessed from you refer to a Baron Resolved Waldron. This person is the grandson of Barent Nagel after whom he was named. Your Baron Resolved Waldron is actually named Barent Resolveert Waldron. It is not a title but a common given name. His father was Resolved (Resolveert) Waldron. Typical of the time in which Barent Waldron was born people were identified with a patronym. In this case, Resolved (Resolveert).

I couple of weeks ago, I received the following message:
Dear Ms. Kline,

Thank you for the corrections you sent to Carnegie Hill Neighbors regarding the names of two early residents of our neighborhood.

I compiled the history section on our website using a number of sources. The references you mention are taken from an article in our Carnegie Hill News in 1990, written by an elderly gentleman who was somewhat of a historian. He lived in a wooden house built in 1871 and had a treasure of old maps and historical information, much handwritten. Twenty years ago, we accepted what he wrote without reservation. With your incentive, I have checked the names on Internet sources and see that you are quite right.

Quite incidentally, the president of our organization now is of Dutch origin, and he said independently that your corrections make sense. We will have them made this week.

Can you tell us how you came to our website?

Thank you for your interest and corrections.

Barbara Coffey
I replied to the her message. The site was updated. However, a few errors still exist.


  1. Is this the son of "Baron(sic) Rudolph Von Waldren/Woldren"? That's the name I have in my family tree information, and his son who went to America is listed as "Resolved Woldren/Waldren" with no other name before it (they couldn't seem to decide on the spelling of the last name, as it changes several times within the text I have). My branch eventually became the family of Charles Leroy Russell of Oil City, Pennsylvania, born 1922 in New Castle. I'm always interested to find out more about my family line. ;-)

  2. Or wait, now I see from your previous post that this "Barent Resolved Waldron" was the son of "Resolved Waldron", so that might be where the line diverges from mine. Mine comes from William, the son of Resolved Woldren and Rebecca Hendricks, born in Holland in 1647 and coming to America in 1653, presumably with his parents.

  3. Barent Resolved Waldron was a half brother of Willem Resolved Waldron. They shared the same father but had different mothers. Willem's mother was Rebecca Hendricks. He was named after Resolved's father Willem. Barent mother was Tanneke Nagel. He was named after her father, Barent.

    The stories of Baron Rudolph Waldron and the various spellings do not fit. I have been researching this story. When I finish with my research I will make a post. There is an interesting article in the New York Genealogical & Biographical Record about the name and the various spellings.

  4. These Waldrons are shown by yDNA evidence to be definite relatives of the Murray family of Scotland whose various branches are Murray of Falahill; Philiphaugh; Annandale; Cockpool; Elibank; Stanhope; Blackbarony; Deuchar; Traquair; Eddlestone and Murraythwaite.

    As the Murrays are generally argued to be descended in the Chief line from Freskyn de Moravia, said to be a Fleming and arguably also from Holland, we are keen to research the truth about their kinsmen , the Waldrons. Are they also descendants of Freskyn de Moravia or are these two families a separate line of Dutch flemish settlers to Scotland 1066 circa?

    Please contact me if you are still researching this line.

    Alexandrina Murray
    Project Administrator
    Murray Clan DNA Research Project.