Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

On the morning of Mother's Day, I found an email that let me know that my daughter had posted a greeting on my Facebook wall wishing me a happy Mother's Day.

My daughter is an MD/PhD student at UCSF and had a date in the South Bay Saturday night. She stayed the night at our house and spent the next day, Mother's Day with us. The two of us went to my gym Sunday morning to workout. Later she asked me if I had looked at her Facebook wall. I told her that I had not.

We had a nice brunch and came home to watch Saturday Night Live with Betty White that my husband had recorded. My daughter left to go back to the city to teach a class that evening. At some point I thought about her question earlier that day. I looked at her wall and found a link to a song the she had performed in my honor. I listened to the song and it brought tears to my eyes.

A friend sent a link to another person who recorded and posted a song to his mother. I listened to both songs and would like to share each with you.

The song  from a son to his mother and the song from my daughter.

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