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Aunt Eleanor's Journal, January 17, 1982

My grandmother becomes a widow in this next entry. And as a reminder, the text within braces {} is information that I added for clarity.

Jan. 17, 1982

Again evening is here and I can’t think of anything interesting to do so I’ll go on with my tale. Can’t imagine any one getting a bang out of reading this, but perhaps a similar evening will come into some ones life when they are alone and wondering what to do to pass the time, then they can read this and maybe think “Oh! That’s what I can do. Write a story of my life: Then go a head and do it. Now to go on with this little story.

We were one happy family of three with sister Leola making it four. We stayed at this house till the 1st of Nov. 1928. Ned {from now on I’ll call him Daddy} He was so proud to be a Daddy. He had to be on the road all the time from Mon. to Fri. Nite or Sat. sometimes, so week ends were really looked forward to. One week end he couldn’t make it so he called to let us know he had to go out to a place in western S. Dak. When he was away I never bothered with fixing potatoes so I was rather amused when I went into the kitchen and found Leola peeling potatoes. I said “what are you peeling potatoes for? Daddy wont be home till next week end. She said “I know but I’m not going to wait another week for potatoes. Guess potatoes are a desired food on most peoples menu. We had a phonegraph with a big horn we put on the floor beside Edward and turned on the music, he would lay there and listen to the music for a long time. Mother came to see us that summer and sewed some outfits for Edward and a dress for me. Leola started to take up beauty culture in the fall so I was alone with Edward during the day. I never mentioned this but Leola became a widow in 1926 and when she came to stay with us she left her family “Kendall June and Joyce” with Grandpa and Grandma Stoutenburg. She planned to get work as a Beauty Operator and then have the children with her but that was never to be.

We went down to Martell to see Grandma and Bernice that summer and Leola was along. She hadn’t been there since she was five yrs. old so it was quite a thrill for her. She noticed Grandma’s spinning wheel that was standing in a corner in one of the rooms upstairs and she went downstairs and asked Grandma if she could have that when Grandma was gone. I had many times wanted it too but never thot I could ask for it. Grandma’s face lit up and she smiled so sweetly and said “yes you can have it. But that too was never to be.

In Nov. we moved for the 6th time back to the apt of 24th and 1st ave So. We bought a very nice Majestic radio and we spent a lot of time listening to that radio. It was presidential election that fall 1928 and Hoover ran against Al Smith. That was the first election we had ever had the chance to hear over a radio. Hoover won of course and took on the job of pulling a nation up out of a down slide into depression. Right after that Daddy was encouraged to go to Regina Sask. and take a job up there, so just before Christmas he left and I made a move to Swanburg no. 7. Leola stayed in Minneapolis so she could finish her course at the Beauty School. I with Edward stayed at Grandpa and grandma Stoutenburg. On March 16th Edward and I (move #8) took the train and left for Regina. Daddy met us in Moosejaw and took us to our new place in Regina. We rented a furnished home there, and we had a boarder by the name of Spika Harris. Edward had his first birthday just eight days after we arrived. His Daddy picked up some gifts for him as I was too new to venture down town to shop and I thot his gifts were kind of strange for a little boy. He got a cupiedoll, a little black doll, a mouth organ and a rubber ball. I made a little birthday cake and he was happy. I spent the day dressing him up in different out fits and taking his pictures. It was a nice warm day and I had outside without any coat or sweater on for some of the pictures, It was while I was outside that the lady next door came out to hang something on the clothes line and she spoke to me. She had a little girl and a little boy who used to come over and play with Edward. We got to be good friends and used to have tea together in the afternoon. But at times I would get lonely for friends back home. I remember we had a couple of gloomy days and I wrote a letter to some one back home mentioning the gray cloudy day but I said “we don’t mind the dark cloudy day cause Edward is our sunshine. He was a little busy body and could get into his share of mischief. One Sunday as we were sitting out on the veranda we heard him inside, it sounded like he was swatting with a flyswatter but I thot I’d investigate and here he was on a chair up the kitchen cabinet and we had a bag of eggs there that we had just bought from a farmer who was selling them door to door. Well Edward had dropped them one by one on the floor and there was that puddle of eggs all 12 of them. I don’t like cleaning raw eggs off the floor very much. But seeing it was Edward who was to blame it wasn’t too bad. I don’t believe he was even paddled.

We lived in the house till May 31st then we made move number 8 to another apt. Spike didn’t come with us. In the new place there was a fenced in yard where Edward could play, and there is where we got acquainted with Joe and Esther Hudon. We used to play cards and have each other for dinners and go to shows etc and that made life a little more worthwhile. Esther and I have corresponded and we have visited each other ever since.

While we were there Bernice came to see us in Sept. Grandma had passed away shortly after I arrived in Regina and Bernice was free to come and visit. We used to get letters from Grandma Stoutenburg telling us that Grandpa was not feeling well and things were not going well on the farm, they sure wished we would come back and help out on the farm. Daddy felt he should do that but he had promised to stay year with the Company he was working with so we couldn’t go till the first of the year. I was a little skeptical about this but finally in Oct. we decided I had better go back and Daddy would finish out the year up there. Thats what we did, and just before Christmas I rec’d a letter telling me to meet him (Daddy) in Brainerd on a certain day and to keep it secret. I got Aunt Em and Uncle Bill to take me to Brainerd and we met him and surpriced Grandpa and Grandma. They were sure two happy people, and Leola came up from Minneapolis too so we had quite a reunion. She had graduated from her Beauty School and was working in a Beauty Parlor. But the depression was being felt, money was scarce and living became harder every day. We cut timber for pulp wood but it didn’t pay much. We never were hungry but we sure didn’t have money for anything but food. We lived right with Grandpa and Grandma for that winter and part of next summer then we got a truck and went to Mpls to get our furniture and we fixed up a little house that was used for storing things in, and we moved into that. Seemed nice to get by ourselves again. We had our beautiful radio but no electricity to plug it into. To be continued.

To be continued...

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