Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Letter in 1862 to my Great-great-great Grandmother from her Sister

I have a copy of a letter that was sent to my great-great-great grandmother in 1862 from her sister, Eliza, who was living in Dickinson's Landing, Ontario, Canada. Dickinson's Landing is one of the "Lost Villages" claimed by the building of the Saint Lawrence Seaway in 1958.

Based on the content of Eliza's letter, her sister Ellen and brother-in-law Harvey came to Wisconsin during a difficult time in that part of Ontario, Canada. By 1862, Eliza feels that the situation that caused my ancestors to leave Canada were much improved.

I transcribed Eliza's letter to my great-great-great grandmother as it was written. Eliza did not use puncuation and capitalized words that seem to be at random. She spelled many words phonetically. The letter was very easy to read.

Dickinsons Landing December the 28 1862
Dear Ellen
I take Pleasure of sending those few lins to you to let you know we are all weell at Presant ahoping this Cilent mesenger may find you all Enjoying the same thanks be to kind Providence for his goodness to us all I Recived your letter and was very glad to heir you were all weell for I suppose you all Dead you Did not write to me samual moss is married Miclael Crump and family are well Daniel sends his love to you all he is looking for a letter from Harvey he says is Eyes is geting sore looking
Page 2
Dear Sister I hope yow are Enjoying good Health this is a strange world to live in friend so far apart I hope we shall meet gain by the blessing of god Dear sister I want you to write to me and let me know all the Perticulars Deor Sister we are not liveing at the Presant as you leaft us we have plenty of Every thing we have got all new furniture for Our house we are very Comfortabel I wish you were here we should have good Old tims of it Dear sister try and Come Down it shant Cost you Any thing to go back the boys are very kind to me
Page 3
give my love to Harvey tell him I want that kiss I am as fat as little pig Hyram sends him love to you all sarahann sends her love to you all we had a Dull Chrismas no son uncle Abraham mattice is very Poorly they sends thir love to you all I sends my love to your all
No more at Presant I must Conclud by wishing you all good night and a happy new year
I want you to write soon
I Remain your Affectioned sister
Eliza sophia Winters
When I read Eliza's letter, I was amused at the number of times that she referenced wishing to hear from her sister. I have vivid recollections of writing letters in which I said "I hope you write soon."

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