Monday, August 15, 2011

California State Houses or Whatever Happened to Hebard Place

In June I posted a message about the house where we lived the second year that my family lived in California. It was on Hebard Place and was a house owned by the State of California. It was destined to be demolished or bought and moved to another location.

The Hebard house was second State house in which my parents and our family lived. The year prior we moved in with my aunt and uncle who were renting a State house on Hope Street. I never knew what happened to the Hebard Place house, but the Hope Street house survived the building of the Garden Grove Freeway.

The State of California purchased houses that might be in the path of the development of a freeway and rented the houses to tenants until the progress of the building of the freeway necessitated the demolition of the structure. My parents were not in a position to buy another home until they could sell their house in Minnesota. But making a mortgage payment and paying rent each month was a real stretch for my parents.

Fortunately for my parents, the rents on the State houses were very reasonable. They were able to sell the house in Minnesota by June of 1962. My parents bought a house and we moved after the school year ended.

It is over fifty years since we lived in a State house. As I watch the effects of the collapse of the housing industry by the financial institutions, I wonder why we don't have "state houses" now. It makes more sense to me to have tenants in a property than to let vandals destroy it and bring down the neighboring home prices down.

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